Beautiful prose about an arduous journey

Devotion by Hannah Kent.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars.

More than anything, I love the way Hannah Kent writes. Her use of language is inventive, perceptive, lush, evocative. Somehow she worms her way inside you, the reader, so that you are absorbed into the narrative, into the scene. Her descriptions are to die for. ‘The sea was flat and it mirrored the sky’s glory, bringing the lights down to the horizon so that it seemed the ship was suspended in stars’ (p229). Yes, the pace dragged at times, in particular the wretchedly long and torturous voyage, and some scenes that relied on magical realism went just a bit too far. Overall, however, it was her writing that triumphed.

About Debbie Terranova

I write stories of mystery, history, and adventure that will inspire readers to question accepted 'truths' and explore alternative explanations. I call this approach ‘fiction with a conscience’. While settings, historical events, and some characters may be real or based on research, the narratives and central characters are generally the creation of my imagination. I have published four novels, the latest being 'The Bootmaker of Berlin' (WWII historical fiction) released in January 2023.
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2 Responses to Beautiful prose about an arduous journey

  1. Totally agree. I think the last half of it was quite weak held together only by the beauty of the writing.

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