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Enemies**Enemies within these Shores** NEW

Enemies within these Shores is a page-turning saga that sweeps from the sugar towns of tropical north Queensland to the internment camps of South Australia.

Based on a true story of our hidden past, the novel brings to life the tumultuous war years of ‘enemy aliens’, political opportunism, retribution … and ultimately survival.

Great holiday reading.

Buy the paperback direct from the author (and I’ll sign it) or an ebook from your favourite online retailer.

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Enemies within these Shores – 1 paperback $25 (includes delivery in Australia). Link takes you to my Paypal site – choose credit card.

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Enemies within these Shores – 5 paperbacks $99 (includes delivery to a single address in Australia)

9780994170019-TEMPLATE.inddThe Scarlet Key

A scarlet key. A bittersweet secret. A corpse with cryptic tattoos.

The second of the Seth VerBeek Mysteries. When a scarlet key lands on his desk in mysterious circumstances, Seth VerBeek is thrust into a thrilling new crime adventure.

Who is the tattooed woman? Why did she die? In following his instincts, the intrepid reporter gets more than he bargained for. 

The cast of unforgettable characters includes a psychic tattooist, a female greyhound trainer, an ageing socialite with an outrageous lifestyle, an artist looking for inspiration, and a personal handyman who specializes in matters of the heart. Each character’s story unfolds like a slow striptease. Layers of subterfuge come off one by one until all is laid bare.

Praise for The Scarlet Key

“Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed ‘The Scarlet Key’. I didn’t know what to expect … but I just loved it. I couldn’t put it down and read it in one day – the twists and turns of the story didn’t allow me to put it down.” Wendy 2016

“Started ‘The Scarlet Key’ this morning and couldn’t put it down. Now it’s finished. It was a great read. I look forward to the next one.” Peter 2016

“I have just finished reading ‘The Scarlet Key’. I just could not put it down and read late into the night. A fabulous read.. lots of action and intrigue.. many many thoughtful moments. I cannot wait for the next story with the gorgeous Seth.” Kay 2016

“Set in Brisbane, many of the locations in ‘The Scarlet Key’ are familiar to me and those that aren’t, are so well described that I feel I could find my way there blindfolded. The characters are a real mixed bag. All authentic, all easy to picture. Some parts of the story are truly moving without being overly sentimental, while the steady pace, multi-layered plot and attention to detail invite eager turning of the page. ‘The Scarlet Key’ is all about life choices. It shows us that even when we think we don’t have a say, our future really is in our hands. A riveting read.” Nene 2016 via Goodreads

“My holiday has just started and ‘The Scarlet Key’ was the first book on my book list. I loved it and couldn’t put it down. Thank you Debbie for giving me so much pleasurable reading. I loved the story, the characters, the setting and how it all came together. I couldn’t put it down. A great read and I can’t wait until your next one.” Maya 2016

The Scarlet Key is a page-turner that tackles themes of positive ageing, finding love again, psychic healing, forgiveness, and end-of-life choices.

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The Scarlet Key 1 paperback for $25 including postage within Australia. Use credit card or PayPal.

Buy Now ButtonThe Scarlet Key + Baby Farm – both paperbacks for $45 including postage within Australia.

Buy Now ButtonThe Scarlet Key – 5 paperback copies for $99 including postage to one address in Australia. 

Bookstores: Chapter, 17 Hill St, Yeppoon Qld. 4703.

St Lucia News, 219 Hawken Dve, St Lucia Qld 4067. Phone (07) 3870 9244

eBook: Available from Smashwords, Amazon,  Apple iBooksBarnes and Noble, scribd and kobo.

Baby FarmFeatured Image -- 243

How much is a baby worth?

First of the Seth VerBeek Mysteries. A page-turner mystery novel, set in an isolated mansion in rural Australia. Inspired by true events of the 1970s, this is the story of a pregnant teen who was banished by her parents to Maidenhead, a home for unwed mothers.

What really happened there? What became of the babies? What lies were told? Above all, what happens forty years later when the truth is finally revealed?

“From the darkly compelling cover design, to the rich multi-layered story itself, I loved this novel from start to finish …” Nene D. 2015

Baby Farm 1 paperback for $25 including postage within Australia. Use credit card or PayPal

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Baby Farm – 5 paperback copies for $99 including postage to one address in Australia.

Bookstores: Chapter, 17 Hill St, Yeppoon Qld. 4703.

St Lucia News, 219 Hawken Dve, St Lucia Qld 4067. Phone (07) 3870 9244

eBook: Available from Smashwords, Amazon,  Apple iBooksBarnes and Noble, scribd and kobo.

Praise for Baby Farm

“I couldn’t wait till Christmas to read Baby Farm and just had to dig in and read it. I loved it. What a fabulous read. I couldn’t put it down and was sorry when the story was all over! Can’t wait for your next book.” Jan 2015

“Wow, I so loved Baby Farm and did not want it to finish. It resonated with me on so many levels but principally from having grown up in that 1970’s era.” PS 2015

“What better way to spend a rainy weekend than to read Baby Farm! The only problem? I’m not getting anything else done because I can’t put it down. Congratulations on this wonderful book.” AG 2015

“I’m so disappointed I finished Baby Farm today!!! I wanted it to continue on. I really really enjoyed the whole story. Please let me know when the next novel is out.” RF 2015

“Baby Farm was great. I especially enjoyed going back to the 70’s and travelling the Brisbane streets in my mind. I loved the plot and was very interested in the forced adoptions as I know of the emotional pain women have experienced and also the problems adopting parents have had with their children.” MW 2015

MowbrayPark_FinalMowbray Brothers, 2014, short story – eBook

Saturday night, summer of 1920. Mowbray Park is where the local lads go for a laugh, a beer and a smoke. Eight-year-old Lucky sneaks out of bed to discover his brother and hero has taken a dare that could cost much more than his one shilling bet.

Inspired by the author’s father, who liked to tell stories of growing up in the workers’ suburb of East Brisbane in the 1920s.

Praise for Mowbray Brothers

“A short story about two brothers in Brisbane circa 1920. I picked this up because it was written by (a friend’s) mum and it’s genuinely so well written that when I finished it I jumped straight on Amazon and bought her debut novel. Debbie’s writing is so descriptive and vivid. I felt more invested in these characters in the short time I knew them than a lot of characters in full novels.” LBD 2016

Download  from your favourite ebook retailer, eg Smashwords, kobo, iBooks, Amazon.


Mischief, 2016, short story – eBook

A short story about making a sea change and falling in love with an adorable bundle of fur.
Sick of the boring desk job, budding author Emily Williams moves to a quaint seaside town to make a fresh start. What she seeks is the solitude a to finish her manuscript. What she gets is a stray feline who decides to adopt her. Despite his innocent blue eyes, Frankie the cat is mischief with a capital M.

Download  FREE from your favourite ebook retailer ~ Smashwords, kobo, iBooks.


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