What’s New?

I’m excited to announce The Scarlet Key will be out this month

A scarlet key
A bittersweet secret
A corpse with cryptic tattoos
When an envelope with a key and address lands on his newsroom desk, Seth VerBeek is thrust into a thrilling new crime adventure. The reporter’s challenge is to identify the body of a tattooed lady. Why and how did she die? Above all, he must live up to his reputation: Seth VerBeek will know what to do.

The cast of unforgettable characters includes a psychic tattooist, a greyhound trainer, a retired art teacher with an outrageous plan, and a personal handyman who fixes matters of the heart. Each character’s story unfolds like a slow striptease. Layers of subterfuge come off one by one until all is laid bare.

The Scarlet Key is a page-turner that tackles themes of positive ageing, finding love, psychic healing, forgiveness, and end-of-life choices.

Get your copy as an ebook from all good online booksellers.

Buy a paperbacks within Australia from Terranova Publications.