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Debbie Terranova is an Australian author of contemporary and historical fiction. 'The Scarlet Key' published in 2016 is the second Seth VerBeek mystery. The crime-busting reporter is back with a new cast of unforgettable characters and a new puzzle to solve. It's about live, love, death, and tattoos, with a touch of the mystical. 'Baby Farm', her debut novel, is a cozy crime mystery about forced adoptions of the 1970s, and a surrogacy and baby trafficking racket. It is the first of the Seth VerBeek series. Debbie Terranova is a prizewinning author of short stories: 'Mowbray Brothers' about growing up in East Brisbane in the 1920s; and 'Mischief' about reinventing yourself and in the process falling in love ... with an adorable but mischievous cat.

Review of ‘The Last Painting of Sara de Vos’ by Dominic Smith

The Last Painting of Sara de Vos by Dominic Smith My rating: 5 of 5 stars Best novel I’ve read in a long, long time. Set in three time zones – seventeenth century Holland, 1950s New York, and Sydney in … Continue reading

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Review of “When Breath Becomes Air” by Paul Kalanithi

My rating: 4 of 5 stars A beautifully-written memoir that reminds you that Life works in mysterious ways. As a youngster, Paul Kalanithi wanted to become a writer to come to terms with ‘the life of the mind’. Above all … Continue reading

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Review of ‘Small Great Things’ by Jodi Picoult

Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult My rating: 5 of 5 stars A strongly-written novel that tugs at your heart and drills into your gut. The story centres on an African-American nurse who is assigned to a newborn baby and … Continue reading

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The indie author dilemma: ‘What do you do with all those books?’

The rhetorical question was posed by a woman who attended my recent author talk at a council library. I was there spruiking about ‘the story behind the story’ of my latest release, The Scarlet Key, a crime mystery about death … Continue reading

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Review: ‘The Course of Love’ by Alain de Botton

Honestly, I don’t know how to rate this novel by Alain de Botton because it does not read at all like a novel. While de Botton is undoubtedly a highly competent writer, I kept on thinking of this piece as … Continue reading

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Meet Maggie Christensen, author of ‘Champagne for Breakfast’

Welcome, Maggie, and thank you for coming to my author chat. Also, congratulations on the release of your sixth novel, Champagne for Breakfast. With an alluring cover shot of the Noosa River and a catchy title, it’s sure to enjoy great … Continue reading

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Leadership at Loveday

When war came to Australia. The man appointed to run the Loveday Internment Camps was Lieutenant Colonel Dean. As it turned out Edwin Thayer Dean was an inspired choice. He was an experienced and decorated military leader, having served in … Continue reading

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