A gripping 1880s migrant adventure

Paradiso A Novel by Steve Capelin

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A gripping tale of hope and despair on the high seas. Set in 1879-80, a group of migrants from the struggling north of Italy chases the promise of Paradise in the South Pacific.

Alas, the dream is far from reality. Instead of the thriving settlement they’d expected, there is nothing but jungle. They must battle the harsh climate, dysentery, the threat of starvation, fear, regret. Eventually the survivors make it to Australia. Later they become the founders of a township called New Italy, situated midway between Ballina and Grafton in NSW.

The ill-fated adventure is based on a true story of triumph despite the odds. A well-written migrant story by Brisbane author, Steve Caplin, that had me on the edge of my seat.


About Debbie Terranova

I write stories of mystery, history, and adventure that will inspire readers to question accepted 'truths' and explore alternative explanations. I call this approach ‘fiction with a conscience’. While settings, historical events, and some characters may be real or based on research, the narratives and central characters are generally the creation of my imagination. I have published four novels, the latest being 'The Bootmaker of Berlin' (WWII historical fiction) released in January 2023.
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1 Response to A gripping 1880s migrant adventure

  1. Steve Capelin says:

    Thanks Debbie. So glad you enjoyed Paradiso. I loved writing it. Steve Capelin

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