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The indie author dilemma: ‘What do you do with all those books?’

The rhetorical question was posed by a woman who attended my recent author talk at a council library. I was there spruiking about ‘the story behind the story’ of my latest release, The Scarlet Key, a crime mystery about death … Continue reading

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#Editing 101: the fine-tooth comb method for line editing

If you’re a parent with a young child, you’ve probably discovered the joys of head lice. Pesky little beasties, they’re ridiculously hard to get rid of. Even when you’ve blasted them with a cocktail of chemicals and raked out their … Continue reading

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Five Qs for author Nene Davies

My guest author today is the vivacious Nene Davies, author of the ‘Distance’ series. Besides writing novels, she is an avid blogger and Facebook contributor. Her blog, which focuses on interviews of people in the writing and creative space, has the intriguing name … Continue reading

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From writer to publisher the ‘indie’ route

Well, it’s now six weeks since I took the plunge and indie published my short story Mowbray Brothers. A dinky little report on Smashwords shows daily ‘sales’, even though the story is out there for free. There’s a pie-chart that … Continue reading

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Sharing the love: online book reviews

Let me start by apologising to my writer friends and all the authors whose books I’ve read and enjoyed for not posting reviews and ratings on Goodreads and retailer websites. It is not until you start ‘walking the walk’ with … Continue reading

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The next big thing for commuters

The novella: an intriguing form of writing. Not a short story, yet not a full-blown novel either. Long enough to get your teeth into, yet you can finish it in one sitting. An antiquated form that will surely enjoy a … Continue reading

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