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Meet Maggie Christensen, author of ‘Champagne for Breakfast’

Welcome, Maggie, and thank you for coming to my author chat. Also, congratulations on the release of your sixth novel, Champagne for Breakfast. With an alluring cover shot of the Noosa River and a catchy title, it’s sure to enjoy great … Continue reading

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When War Came to Australia

Mea culpa. Yes, it’s been a while since I posted. The exciting news is that I’ve almost finished writing my new novel. Hey, there’s only so much a person can do in one day. I’ve taken a short break from … Continue reading

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‘Let the Great World Spin’ by Colum McCann

Let the Great World Spin by Colum McCann My rating: 4 of 5 stars As an Australian visiting New York for the first time, I wanted to purchase a book about NYC from the Barnes and Noble bookstore at Union … Continue reading

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Left, Right, Left … Write. Do-it-yourself structural editing.

What I love about writing crime mysteries is the constant interplay between the left and the right hemispheres of my brain. The trick is to make them work together. The left brain gathers data, information and facts. For my current work … Continue reading

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A wee snippet from ‘Baby Farm’ to whet your appetite

For your reading pleasure, an excerpt from ‘Baby Farm’ with my favourite character, investigative journalist and super-sleuth, Seth VerBeek. Seth reversed out of the parking bay. On the street he lit a smoke, turned up the radio and revved the … Continue reading

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Characters in crime

One of my greatest ah-haa! moments in learning to write creatively was realising that characters are the essential essence of a good story. Whether you are writing memoir or romance or fantasy, or (as I do) historical fiction and crime, … Continue reading

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Construct … deconstruct … reconstruct

Writers often debate about the best way to write: plot-driven or character-driven. Plot-driven implies vast sheets of butchers paper covered in post-it notes, or timelines nutted out on Excel or some other left-brain device. You know the story, you know the … Continue reading

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