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Meet Maggie Christensen, author of ‘Champagne for Breakfast’

Welcome, Maggie, and thank you for coming to my author chat. Also, congratulations on the release of your sixth novel, Champagne for Breakfast. With an alluring cover shot of the Noosa River and a catchy title, it’s sure to enjoy great … Continue reading

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Words, precious words

With a new novel out recently, I’ve been attending lots of writerly events to promote my work and hopefully sell enough books to cover costs. This is what I love about the writing journey. This is when you meet all … Continue reading

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‘Gone Girl’ by Gillian Flynn

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn My rating: 4 of 5 stars Easy-to-read psychological thriller about married people behaving badly. Domestic noir at its darkest and most intriguing. Both characters of this one-time partnership are highly-flawed and headed towards self-destruction. But … Continue reading

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‘Relinquished, Returned, Rejected’ by Jackee Ashwin

A true and very personal story about becoming a mother, losing one baby to forced adoption and another to stillbirth, then years later reconnecting with your adult son and making tough life decisions. Despite the difficult subject matter, Jackee Ashwin … Continue reading

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Five Qs for author Nene Davies

My guest author today is the vivacious Nene Davies, author of the ‘Distance’ series. Besides writing novels, she is an avid blogger and Facebook contributor. Her blog, which focuses on interviews of people in the writing and creative space, has the intriguing name … Continue reading

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The other stolen generation: forced adoptions

Address to The Women’s College, University of Queensland by Debbie Terranova, author of Baby Farm, on 10 May 2016. When people talk about ‘the stolen generation’, they usually mean indigenous Australians who were forcibly removed from their families and raised to … Continue reading

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Interview with author Jackee Ashwin

My guest today is Jackee Ashwin, author of Relinquished, Returned, Rejected, a true story about adoption and stillbirth. Firsthand, Jackee experienced being a young unwed mother in the 1970s. At the end of her pregnancy, she was coerced into relinquishing … Continue reading

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