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The indie author dilemma: ‘What do you do with all those books?’

The rhetorical question was posed by a woman who attended my recent author talk at a council library. I was there spruiking about ‘the story behind the story’ of my latest release, The Scarlet Key, a crime mystery about death … Continue reading

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To market, to market … 5 tips for selling your book.

Writing a book can be an absolute joy or a nightmare, depending on your outlook and the mood of your muse. But all those months (or years) of burning the midnight oil are for nought unless you can get your magnus … Continue reading

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The other stolen generation: forced adoptions

Address to The Women’s College, University of Queensland by Debbie Terranova, author of Baby Farm, on 10 May 2016. When people talk about ‘the stolen generation’, they usually mean indigenous Australians who were forcibly removed from their families and raised to … Continue reading

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My Writing and Publishing Odyssey: 2015 in Review

New Year’s Eve 2015-16. What a wonderful chance to reflect on the joys, dramas, tears and achievements of this crazy obsession called writing! I thought I’d share some of the highs and lows of creative writing and of promoting my … Continue reading

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A wee snippet from ‘Baby Farm’ to whet your appetite

For your reading pleasure, an excerpt from ‘Baby Farm’ with my favourite character, investigative journalist and super-sleuth, Seth VerBeek. Seth reversed out of the parking bay. On the street he lit a smoke, turned up the radio and revved the … Continue reading

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Location, Location, Location.

In the spirit of Amelie, I’m embarking on a garden gnome tour of the city and surrounds, posting happy snaps onto Facebook and Twitter as I go. To make it more interesting, I’m masquerading as … (drum roll) … a … Continue reading

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Tips for writers: Author Talks

I’ve just finished the March 2015 season of author talks at Brisbane libraries. What a joy it was to get out of my cluttered writer’s space, and meet people with an interest in my book or my topic or just … Continue reading

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