‘Let the Great World Spin’ by Colum McCann

Let the Great World SpinLet the Great World Spin by Colum McCann

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

As an Australian visiting New York for the first time, I wanted to purchase a book about NYC from the Barnes and Noble bookstore at Union Square. So why choose this one? I overheard two American uni students discussing it; one on them said it was great. What better recommendation?
The novel is a tribute to the terrorist strike on the Twin Towers in 2001, but not in the way you’d expect. It is low-key and personal, a collection of stories about interesting characters that are loosely linked. There’s a priest, some hookers, an artist, a judge, his wife who befriends the descendent of a Missouri slave, and on they go. The thread that links them is a cable stretched between the Twin Towers by a dare-devil tight-rope walker.
It is the quality of the writing that is the highlight of this book. Having been there, I can hear, see, smell, and taste NYC in all its amazing diversity, through Colum McCann’s beautiful choice of words. This is modern literature at its best. Not an easy read, but one whose import will linger after you’ve closed the back cover.

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Debbie Terranova is an Australian author of contemporary and historical fiction. 'The Scarlet Key' published in 2016 is the second Seth VerBeek mystery. The crime-busting reporter is back with a new cast of unforgettable characters and a new puzzle to solve. It's about live, love, death, and tattoos, with a touch of the mystical. 'Baby Farm', her debut novel, is a cozy crime mystery about forced adoptions of the 1970s, and a surrogacy and baby trafficking racket. It is the first of the Seth VerBeek series. Debbie Terranova is a prizewinning author of short stories: 'Mowbray Brothers' about growing up in East Brisbane in the 1920s; and 'Mischief' about reinventing yourself and in the process falling in love ... with an adorable but mischievous cat.
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