Location, Location, Location.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn the spirit of Amelie, I’m embarking on a garden gnome tour of the city and surrounds, posting happy snaps onto Facebook and Twitter as I go.

To make it more interesting, I’m masquerading as … (drum roll) … a book.

But not just any book. My book. Baby Farm.

Yesterday, in the footsteps of politician and seeker of truth, Vann Willis, I ambled across a bridge that spanned the broad lazy river.

She was glad she’d allowed enough time to walk from the Parliamentary Annex across the Goodwill Bridge, for she hadn’t taken any exercise in months. The autumn weather was warm. The brown river was awash with golden light. 

Yesterday at noon the autumn sun was strong, but not so strong it would curl my covers in anything less than an hour. The sky was that impossible cerulean blue of the sub-tropics. I propped myself up in on the railing with the cityscape behind me and snapped this gorgeous selfie.

Do you like it?

All of the locations in my tour de ville feature in Baby Farm, either directly or indirectly. In some cases, I’ve disguised actual places by changing the names or combining the features of several. The suburb of Riverdale, for instance, is not a real. It is based on a bustling street near the station where I worked for many years.

In the crush around the train station everyone conformed to unspoken laws. Like sheep, they followed the leader down the ramp to the platform. They kept to the left – always to the left – the same side as the traffic on the road.

Follow me as I glide through the sets of Baby Farm.

P.S If you know where I am, do leave a comment or a tweet. That would really ruffle my pages.


About Debbie Terranova

Debbie Terranova is an Australian author of contemporary and historical fiction. 'The Scarlet Key' published in 2016 is the second Seth VerBeek mystery. The crime-busting reporter is back with a new cast of unforgettable characters and a new puzzle to solve. It's about live, love, death, and tattoos, with a touch of the mystical. 'Baby Farm', her debut novel, is a cozy crime mystery about forced adoptions of the 1970s, and a surrogacy and baby trafficking racket. It is the first of the Seth VerBeek series. Debbie Terranova is a prizewinning author of short stories: 'Mowbray Brothers' about growing up in East Brisbane in the 1920s; and 'Mischief' about reinventing yourself and in the process falling in love ... with an adorable but mischievous cat.
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